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Zach Davis

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Name:  Zach Davis

Nationality:  Filipino/Caucasian

Hometown:  Bakersfield, CA

Current Location:  Bakersfield, CA

Discipline:  I’ve dabbled in it all, from racing alley cats on track bikes to racing cyclocross and cross country to bike camping and gravel events. 

Bikes:  Kona Rove NRB……for now.

Age:  30

 My name is Zachary Davis and I’ve been riding bikes for about 13 years now. After receiving news to be a new father, I had to step back from skateboarding to be there for my daughter. Cycling took that place, and years later, my life wouldn’t be the same without two wheels. Having spent 5 years in San Francisco working full time as a bike messenger, i moved back to my home town of Bakersfield where I work at a local bike shop, and try to ride as much as possible. Between my normal life of working full time, being a partner, and father of a daughter, two cats, and a dog, getting out to reset my brain and body is essential to living a happy life. I compete where I can and train on my own speed and level, but by no means is cycling something that I get money from, its just a means of life style and has taught me and gave me a lot of things i can put into real world. Come ride with me, you’ll find out.

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